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Automatic 5 Pod Complete Drinker Pack

Automatic Chicken Poultry and Bird 5 Pod X5 Nipple Pod Drinker Multi-Feeder Complete Pack

This 5 Pod (5 Single Nipple Drinker) Complete Pack  Automatic Drinkers and Feeders will work very well for your Birds including  Chickens, Ducks, Hens, Quails, and Pheasants, in fact they work great for most types of  Poultry.

Product Code: DTD-DrinkX5Pod

Product: Automatic x 5 Individual Pod  Nipple Chicken and Poultry x1 Drinkers with Complete Kit

DTDD Automatic Chicken Poultry Drinker 5 Nipple Pod Complete Pack

Supplied with 10 metre cable and fittings our X5 Five Pod Automatic Drinker and Feeder will work for your Birds including  Chickens, Ducks, Hens, Quails, and Pheasants, in fact they work great for most types of  Poultry. Your Drinkers will work hard to keep your birds constantly fed with fresh clean water. This is achieved with our range of custom designed and made in the UK products which can be purchased dire from us here Automatic Nipple Feed Drinkers in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs. (Put like that It’s a bit of a no brainer really, isn’t it?)


Ideal Use of the X5 Five Pod Pack Drinker System: For a series of Birds in lnearby pens, with a water Supply Tank/Reservoir with a reasonable capacity where the individual Pods can be run off the single tank by connecting the Pods in series using the supplied connecting T-Pieces. each Pod has its own individual Bracket and screws for fixing to wood, or alternatively you could secure to Pen uprights/fencing using good quality cable-ties (not supplied.) The Tee Pieces can are provided with the Kit with additional 2 metre Pipe lengthsfor each Pod in your Pack.This is a great bonus for your birds. Robust and ready to simply install with all you need, this product can just be connected to a reasonably sized water bucket or tank, Ideally one you can cover to keep unwanted material out of the water supply.(Bucket not included.) If you want to use a reasonably large Water Butt as shown below (not included) you can purchase just the additional Brass Connector which you will need to support the larger vessel.

Designed for Hen Keepers Who Have a life to Lead: You can use some sticky back plastic and muck about for hours/days making your own (watching it drip, re-drilling holes and generally wasting your time effort and money ) believe us we know what it is like, or save yourself some hassle and let us do the hard bit! Neat easy and ready to install.

Healthy Happy Hens Lay More Eggs: Your Drinker will work hard 24x7x365, for you and your birds, from quite literally Dawn till Dusk, Remember the well-being of your birds is important because happy healthy hens not only make the whole process more fun for us all but lay better and more frequent eggs. Which after all is why we all like to keep them to start with.

If you have multiple single birds in pens then the ability to cut down the watering management is pretty self-evident but with 3 or 5 pods it can save you loads of time.

Easy Install, Supplied with Everything but the Bucket and Water!

The unit is gravity fed, meaning it only needs to be a little higher than the drinker itself (so it needs no power) and it will work day-in and day out. Included in your X5 Five Pod Drinker Pack are the following components; Single x 5 Nipple Drinker Pod Unit, 2 metres of 8mm Flexible Pipe x 5 lengths, the Connector you will need to fix to your tank (not a water Butt.), Each Pod has the connector on the pod already installed. we Simple instructions if you need them and online email support to back it all up or the good old ‘dog-and-bone’ phone.. The 8 mm Drill Bit we can also supply if required (but you may well have one handy) so just ask if you don’t we can provide them at a modest cost, listed in our FAQs..Flexible, easy to install, operate and maintain, we get great feedback on these products and enjoy using them ourselves, so do our Hens.

More Great reasons to buy your X1 Single Pod Automatic Drinker

  • Helps Keep Your Flock Happy and Their Egg Yield High, Saves You Time effort and Hassle
  • Enables you to leave your flock unattended knowing they still have their water for the weekend, assuming you have their food sorted and of course they can let themselves out at dawn and dusk using perhaps our Automatic Hen House Door Opener and Door. and have got a friend to just check all is fine now and again.
  • Can supply a large reservoir of water, (depending on your Bucket/Water Butt size) WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED and for which we can supply the right robust Brass connector ad instructions so that you can obtain and fit yourself.
  • Keeps water clean, reduces the chance of water contamination and related bird illnesses and diseases
  • Provides an easy way to distribute water soluble vitamins and treatments (subject to instructions of those products.)
  • Built to be Hen Tough and Resistant, capable of releasing water at any angle, all parts and removable and replaceable should that be a future requirement.

This Product X5 Five Pod Drinker Complete Pack Includes:

Included in your X5  5 Pod Complete Product Pack will be;

  1. Your 5 x  Single Nipple Pod Automatic Drinker Units.
  2. Pre-fitted 1 Connector per Pod ( plus 1 below for your water reservoir that you will fit) on the unit that will be used to connect the supplied 8mm diameter pipe
  3. Additional Connector to be fitted to your own bucket/tank. If you are using a large, Water Butt you will need the additional Brass Connector Product. (see our Drinker FAQ Page for more info)
  4. Flexible Supple Pipe/Hose 5 x 2 Metre Long Length 8 mm diameter (outside) and inside diameter 5-6 mm( total 10 metres) for the 5 Pods.
  5. Fixing UPVc Brackets x 5 items  and corresponding Wood Screws
  6. Instructions and Online Email Support.


This simple but very effective device is easy to set up, All you have to do is drill a 12mm hole and twist the tapered threaded nut into your plastic container (Bucket.) As above if using a robust water Butt you might wish to purchase our specific Water Butt Connector. We can even provide the 12 mm Drill Bit for just £1.98 if required)

Additional Sizes and Kits Available for 6, 5,3, 2 and Single Pod Nipple Feeders to suit all your needs:  available in our Fixed Feeder or Pod formats. To choose the product that suits you best simply browse the options on the right-hand menu and click to buy using Paypal. If you want to checkout the answers to any other questions try our FAQS about our Automatic Poultry and Chicken Drinkers here

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