Automatic chicken and poultry door openers, drinkers and accessories for you and your hens

How to Install your Automatic Chicken Door Opener

Easy Install of Your Automatic Chicken Door Opener Download and Videos

Video instructions and PDF Download available here for your Dawn till Dusk Doors Chicken Pop Hole Opener. It just takes just a few minutes to install, you can click on this link here and it will load the instructions as a PDF file which you can download bookmark or simply print…Any queries just drop us a line or give us a call.

Our Video Guide making it even easier to install and also providing video answers to frequently asked questions. All available on YouTube Channel too.

Video Guide for Installing your Automatic Dawn till Dusk Controller

Install 1a Video – What to do with Your Controller Box

What to do with your Door Controller and How to connect it to your Hen House.

Install 1b Video – Make Sure Your Cotroller is offset to the left of the Centre of Your Vertical Door

Install 2a Video – Setting into Manual Mode

Install 2b Video – Shut Door Using Manual Mode to Close Position with S2 Button

Install 2c Video – setting the Parameters for Your Particular Door

Install 3 Video – Testing Openeing and Closing your Door Opener

Use the original packaging not a piece of card or paper, it wont be dark enough with out the box.

We are currently updating the PDF Download to integrate with the videos and diagrams and this will be updated and uploaded in the next few days.

Quick Recap and Pointers on INSTALLATION

If you have any further queries such as what happens and what to do when you Change the Batteries then please take a look at our FAQ’s which includes some more video help…

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