Automatic chicken and poultry door openers, drinkers and accessories for you and your hens

Support and FAQs

Support and FAQs

We can help and will support you. Your Automatic Chicken House Door Opener will be supplied with ability to register for our 12 months warranty,download our latest easy install instructions and get priority access to support team. In addition we post answers to your frequently asked questions, FAQs , so you can find the answers right here.

FAQ Database :

you can browse below, click on a category or use our online search, if you can’t find the answer complete the support form and submit your question. We will reply promptly and you will receive an automatic acknowledgement via email. Normally most queries can be answered this way but we will follow-up with telephone calls when needed.

Finger Slipped during setup FAQs

FAQ What to do if your finger slips off the S1 or S2 Buttons during Set-up of your Door Controller? What to do if your finger slips off the S1 and/or S2 Buttons whilst setting either the door to shut position or setting the parameters for your door, in this short video we show and…

Changing Battery FAQs

What do you need to do when you change battery on you Automatic Chicken Door Opener? Here you will find the answer to this question. What to do when you change your battery supply to your Dawn till Dusk Chicken House Door Opener. Play the short video and it will give you the right information…

How to Install your Automatic Chicken Door Opener

Easy Install of Your Automatic Chicken Door Opener Download and Videos Video instructions and PDF Download available here for your Dawn till Dusk Doors Chicken Pop Hole Opener. It just takes just a few minutes to install, you can click on this link here and it will load the instructions as a PDF file which you can download…

Drinker Postage Offer

On all Drinker Orders we can offer a fixed price irrespective of number of items ordered and /or weight for all orders fro our Dusk Till Dawn Automatic Drinkers. Currently as at June 2013 the fixed Postage rate is £2.99. This offer is limited to UK Mainland Customers only,

Automatic Chicken Drinker FAQs

FAQs about our Automatic Poultry Nipple Drinkers and Feeders from Dawn till Dusk Our Automatic Drinkers and Feeders will work for your Birds including  Chickens, Ducks, Hens, Quails, and Pheasants, in fact they work great for most types of  Poultry. Your Drinkers will work hard to keep your birds constantly fed with fresh clean water….

Combined Purchases and Why We Post Items Separately

We post combined purchases of Doors and Openers or Drinkers Separately to keep the postage costs to you to a minimum! We always want to keep our postage charges to a minimum, hence if you buy a Coop Door and an Automatic Chicken Door Opener they will be shipped as two parcels by different suppliers….

New Combined Automatic Chicken Coop Opener and Door Kit Combination

NEW Package combine automatic door opener for your Chicken Coop and Lightweight Aluminium Door and Rails with all you need to fit including full instructions simple and easy to install and set-up. A great combined deal…

How to Choose Hens for your Garden in Telegraph

Would you like to enjoy fresh eggs and are you thinking about keeping some family chooks in your garden, then defintely read this article today…

Measures to Keep the Hens Safe from Foxes?

How can you take steps to minimise the chance of foxes getting your lovely hens…by keeping your chickens safe and tucked-up in their coop safely each night…

How can I purchase more than 1 Door Opener?

How to order multiple automatic door openers to keep your hens happy…

Logs for Sale PO16 Postcode !

Can you feel the Autumn nip in the air, time to get your Wood Burner or Open Log Fire Burning, we can deliver locally from a few sacks to a truck load, just contact us for more info or to place your order now

What are the Postage and Delivery Options?

How quickly and by what service will we ship your Dawn till Dusk Door Controller…

Chicken Coop and Hen House Design

Designing your Hen Coop, purchasing your Hen House a couple of things to consider when you make your first purchase and other than the colour and shape and whether it looks pretty…

What to do when the nights are beginning to draw-in?

What to do when the dusk time is changing daily and almost getting earlier every day, in between the changing seasons, and before the wet and cold Autumunal days descend that will do you your chooks and all the family a favour…

Do I need Mains Supply?

Great no Mains Supply, no messy cabling and costly electrics, just simple battery supply. Just what our busy customers want, an easy to install and maintain system. We supply brand new set of batteries with your Dawn till Dusk Door Controller.

Can the Automatic Door Opener be used on any Chicken Coop?

YES as long as you have the right type of vertical door and pop hole on your coop. You just need to check here the the type of door you have, The opener does works on most Hen Coops but check the Door Type is Vertical as explained here. An Ark type Hen House such…

What type of Door will I need?

We get asked this question quite frequently so as well as telling you the answer, we have also made a product that is just right for the job. All you need is to click through and take a look. Your Chooks will be delighted!