Automatic 48 Egg Incubator for Chicken and Poultry

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Automatic 48 Egg Incubator for Hatching your Chicken and Poultry eggs – Super Deal from Dawn till Dusk

Automatic 48 egg Incubator for chicken and poultry, an amazing one off deal with limited stock for sale UK only main supply automated egg turner, digitally controlled temperature, humidity and turning. Just add Eggs, fertilised of course and water, plugin to the mains, follow the instructions and you are away.

Automatic 48 Egg Incubator
Digital Control Panel for Bargain 48 Egg Incubator

It is available Dawn till Dusk of course and if you purchase with one of our Automatic Chicken Door Openers, Drinkers or Doors then we can do you a bargain on the postage.

Offer Closes before end of May 2015 or when existing stocks sold, likely to be in high demand, so please note buy soon to avoid disappointment.

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Automatic 48 Egg Incubator for Chicken and Poultry

Digital 48 Eggs Incubator Automatic Turner Poultry Chicken Duck Egg Viewing Hole

Bargain Buy for Limited Stock of this great value Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator, best to not dither too long folks because we really only have a few and when they are gone they  are gone.

Dawn till Dusk Special Deal Limited Stock Automatic Chicken Egg Hatcher with 48 eggs capacity.

This is a great deal for an enthusiast, a school or family project. 48 Eggs to maximise your hatching. Success needs the right tools and kit for the job and here you have all you need in an amazing one-off deal. You don’t need to deal with moody or broody hens, the automatic turner takes all the hard work out of the process. You just add eggs, water and manage the process with the digital control panel and you are up and running. Includes an electronic thermostat that controls the temperature and with the water you add you can get the perfect humidity to simulate eggs being sat on by a mother Hen.

We will be adding some articles to give you a few pointers but as we only have a few of these wanted to get them out to you as quickly as possible. Similar items are cost a substantial amount more on well known auction sites. So Google search  all you like from Dusk till Dawn we are confident this is a del it will be difficult to beat.

Secrets of Success in Egg Hatching Consistency, Patience and Attention to details

It is a real wonder when you see live chicks hatch and this kit gives you all you need you just add the eggs, the water and plugin to the mains supply. Make sure children are supervised of course when dealing with ny electrical appliances. Successfully hatching chickens that are healthy depends  on a consistent, patient and attentive approach to all the details. Essentially the Automatic Egg Incubator that enables you to manage up to 4 dozen eggs at one go does the job for you. But you must keep it topped up with water to keep the humidity at the perfect point as explained in the manuals , Timing, turning, humidity and temperature are the main factors to focus on and with the turning its a bit more difficult if you do not have an automated device that takes the need to know when and which eggs to turn.

Automatic Pro 48 eggs incubator to raise your own cute chicks from eggs.  Just one point of course your Hens will need a Rooster to have fertilised the eggs 🙂

Runs on standard mains supply plug and lead supplied.
Helpful features
  • Automatic egg-turning (every 2 hours) can you imagine what a pain that is if you have to do it by hand
  • Automatic ventilation control (every 2 hours) healthy birds need oxygen and this makes sure they get it
  • Automatic temperature and humidity control on an easy to read large digital display, perfect for those of whose eyesight might not be quite what it used to be
  • Automatic displaying temperature humidity And turning frequency on incubator controller
  • Automatic alarm when temperature humidity abnormal
  • UK Standard Mains Supply 180 V-240 V 50-60 Hz chicken egg incubator
  • Professional automatic chicken egg incubator
  • We only have a few but can offer 1 years warranty

High hatching rates can be achieved depending upon the quality of your fertilised eggs of course, care of the aptly named some might say Randy the Rooster 🙂

Price is as listed plus Shipping UK Mainland Only £7.00