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Poultry and chicken facts for Hen Keepers to help you know the fact from fiction and increase your hen Keeper’s Knowledge.

If you have ever wondered about the history and domestication of the Chicken from a humble bird roaming the jungle floors to being one of the most common forms of protein in the world then there is a great Article on the Smithsonian site you might like to take a look at. With a history that runs back between 7,000 to 10,000 years you might like to browse this authoritative source at your leisure from time to time we will pickout some references and post any chicken images through history on our Pinterest board.

But do take a little time when you have a moment to browse this definitive if somewhat long article (Smithsonian Institute.)

Leghorn Chicken Breed Facts and Tips for Hen Keepers Where does the breed name Legbar come from and what does it mean? The breed originate in Italy with the Birds originating from the port of leghorn on the west coast of Italy. It was introduced into Britain and the UK  around the middle of the…