Automatic chicken and poultry door openers, drinkers and accessories for you and your hens

Automatic Chicken Door Openers, Drinkers and Accessories working Dawn till Dusk.

More time, freedom and flexibility with less hassle for you, your family and your hens. Our Automatic Chicken Door Openers, Drinkers and accessories, delivered fast, easy to install,no mains required, with 12 months no quibble warranty. All designed to keep you, your hens and family happy 365 days a year.

  • Automatic Chicken Drinker with 3 Nipples
  • Automatic Chicken Door Opener Combination Unit Door Rails Kit
  • Automatic Chicken Door Opener
  • Automatic 48 Egg Incubator for Chicken and Poultry

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Demonstration of Automatic Chicken Door Opener

Surgical Medical Quality Flu Virus Masks

Automatic Chicken Door Openers Drinkers and Accessories made by Dawn till Dusk Doors

Make your life easier with our Automatic Chicken Door Openers, Drinkers and Accessories. Keep your Hens and your household happy, give yourself and your birds more freedom and flexibility.

Automate those repetitive tasks that must not be forgotten

Automate those key repetitive tasks that must not be forgotten, with our Automatic Chicken Door Opener, letting your birds out and back in at night before the pesky fox can get to them, and your Automatic Chicken Drinker, making sure they have nice clean water 24×7 and can rummage and roam all day long.

More flexibility, every day and guilt-free holidays for you and your Hens

Wouldn’t that be great, a little more flexibility every day and a few guilt-free trips away on holiday?

We thought so too and like you, we love having our chickens and looking after them but we also like a bit of a break now and again. Hence we designed and built our Automatic Door Opener to make our lives easier make sure that are precious Hens are easy to look after when we take a weekend break or a much needed holiday.

Now you can go away and not feel too guilty asking your family and friends to check on your birds. Whatever the weather, 365 days a year, it is a lot easier with your own Automatic Chicken Door Opener.

But why not make it even easier working use one of our  Automatic Chicken Drinkers, what could be simpler. It also means you can take a morning off, or a night out and not worry about your birds until it suits you later. 

Installation is easy with clear instructions supplied as a handy PDF and Video Guide (Video and PDF available to play and download.)

Now as if you needed any more convincing, here are a few more reasons why an Automatic Door Opener and possibly a Drinker too might be your next essential purchase 🙂

More freedom and flexibility

for you, your hens and your family.

Easy and Quick Install

Easy and quick to install products. Friendly support if needed, online by email and telephone.

Robust builds that are built to last. No mains supply required, battery operated openers and gravity fed drinkers.

More Freedom and Flexibility

More freedom and flexibility for you and your Hens. Let your birds thrive in the daylight, because happy hens lay more eggs.  Keep your hens safe  from the pesky fox give yourself a little more time and flexibility from dawn till dusk.

Made in the UK

Designed and manufactured in the UK so we can look after our own flocks, 24x7 and 365 days a year whatever the weather. Automatic doors adjusts for changing daylight hours using solar light sensor. 

Automatic Door Openers

Automatic Chicken Door Openers, available individually or as part of our Combination or Complete Kits.

Automatic Chicken Drinkers

No more messy drinkers, clean water on demand 24x7 keeping your hens happy and healthy.


Accessories to make it easy to configure your Automatic Poultry Door Opener, Chicken Drinker and connect it to your own water tank, bucket butt or reservoir. New lines being introduced to help you and your hens.

UK Business

We are awarded this status by EBAY because we "Consistently receives highest buyer ratings, Dispatches items quickly" and have "earned a track record of excellent service."

Dawn till Dusk Doors . Our expertise is in Computers, IT, and Electronics. We also love our Chickens and hence designed and developed our Automatic Chicken Door Openers for people like us who want a little more freedom and flexibility for our Chooks, our family and ourselves. Thanks for taking a look!


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